MKT 580 Digital Marketing Strategy - Fall 2018

Type / CourseLecture and Assignment (in English)
Range of ApplicationMannheim Master in Management (MMM), Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR), Master in Business Education (WiPäd), Master in Business Informatics, Master in Culture and Economics (MaKuWi), Master in Law
Form of AssessmentPresentation: 40%
Final exam (60 minutes): 60%
ECTS Credits4
DurationOne semester
SemesterFall semester
InstructorProf. Dr. Sabine Kuester
ContactSecretary Office of the Chair of Marketing & Innovation
DownloadsSyllabus (subject to change)
Course Description


Businesses worldwide have been facing a fundamental change in the ways that customers interact with companies, brands, and each other. From a marketing perspective, customers now have louder voices than they used to, they are more socially connected than they ever have been, they expect more from companies and brands, and information reaches them faster than ever before. The rise of digital technologies is thus offering the field of marketing new possibilities for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging value to customers. In light of these fundamental changes, the overarching goal of this course is to establish a perspective on marketing's new role in the age of social/digital/mobile.

The course will equip students with the relevant knowledge, perspectives, and practical skills required to develop marketing strategies that leverage the opportunities offered by digital technologies for achieving business and marketing goals. The emphasis of this course is on understanding what the various digital platforms offer to companies, how to build digital marketing strategies, and how to track their effectiveness.