Marketing Research Retreat

Type Presentations of doctoral dissertation projects and in-class discussions (in English)
ExaminationOptional (for doctoral students of the new examination regulations "Neue Prüfungsordnung")
Hours/Week2-Day Block Seminar
SemesterTypically in fall semesters
ECTS Credits0
InstructorProf. Dr. Sabine Kuester
ContactAngelika Wallis
DescriptionThis course is designed to support doctoral students conducting research close to the field of marketing in their dissertation projects and to guide them through research problems that may arise in the process. In-class presentations of specific research problems will serve as a springboard for an open and constructive discourse among the audience.
RegistrationPlease register by notifying Angelika Wallis of your plan to participate. Applicants are asked to indicate their research field, research topic of their doctoral dissertation, and current state of their dissertation project (e. g. beginner, literature research completed, data collection completed, etc.).