Letter of Recommendation

On November 30, 2009, the Business School of the University of Mannheim introduced a system to request letters of recommendation. By means of this system, students' requests for letters of recommendation can be carried out quickly and straightforwardly.

The most important change consists of the fact that students do not send their requests for letters of recommendation to the relevant chairs in the first place, but they send them to the dean's office of the Business School first, which acts, so to speak, as the central authority coordinating these requests. This procedure applies to all chairs of the Business School. Requests for letters of recommendation of other schools, as e. g. the School of Law & Economics, still have to be sent to the relevant chairs directly.

For letters of recommendation concerning doctoral programs, please contact the chairs directly, too. For further information and to request a letter, please see the complete guidelines on the website of the Business School of the University of Mannheim.

Master Abroad, Diplom Students, and/or Scholarship Applications

The provision of letter of recommendations for students of business administration is organized by the dean's office of the business school. All information regarding the application can be found here. In case of further questions please adress the dean's office directly (gutachten(at)bwl.uni-mannheim.de).

Application for Semesters Abroad in the Bachelor's Degree Program

Letters of recommendation are only provided for bachelor students who obtained a minimum grade of 2.3 in Marketing I.

Students have to submit the following documents for a letter of recommendation: 1) up-to-date Transcript of Records, 2) annual ranking document issued by the Student Services, 3) CV, 4) the letters of motivation for the programs for which letters of recommendation are to be issued, and 5) if necessary, further certificates (internships, university entrance qualification).